Tips for Choosing the Best Door Locks


Door locks have two basic purposes and that is allowing the right people to get into a room and keeping the wrong ones out. Door locks are critical especially in places where multiple families and communities live. There are tips here that you could use to make sure that you find the best door locks for your property. The first thing that you need to do is look at the door carefully. The part of the door that the lock is going to get into should be thoroughly inspected because this will determine the kind of lock that you will get for the door. A mortise door lock will be best for a door that has a hollowed out square compartment.

On the hand, you will need to get a cylindrical lock if the door has the door lock hole bored through it. There are also back-sets that will be needed for a cylindrical lock and this is the measurement between the edge of the door and the center of the drilled door hole. It is therefore important that you look at the lock measurements critically to ensure that it fits in the back-set before getting it.

It is worth noting that the door locks are not designed the same and there are specifications that will help you grade how well the entry door lock is going to stand pressure. It is advisable that you go for the higher grade locks as they are safer especially in communities with high crime rates. Lock bumping is a method for lock picking that is used by people that want to break into your house. However, professional locksmiths will use this same method to ensure that the burglars will not use this method to get into your house. You can look for labels on the door lock that will normally show you that the door will be able to withstand the lock bumping.

It is also important for you to add some accessories like latches to the door lock. If there are more door locks, the longer it will take the intruder to break into your property. Deadbolts will also add the level of security on the door especially if they have been used with door handle locks. There is also the option of going keyless when it comes to the lock and there are keypad door locks that will help you achieve this. Take a look  at this link for more information.


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